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Friday, April 3, 2009

A Wowwy.

Like I've said before, the months leading up to November were very political at our little house in Owensville, (and I would like to once again thank Fox News for giving one-sided information to the country's elderly population. My great-aunt still doesn't believe that President Obama has a real birth certificate.) Sure, there was the National election of a new president going on, but amidst all the excitement, the world missed the most important election of the century: the decision to a) move the Gasconade County courthouse to Owensville or b) Leave the courthouse in Hermann.
I know! How could the USA Today have missed this one!? Grammy started advocating for the courthouse to move to Owensville months and months before the election. She would take her brochures and go door-to-door telling the Owensville residents how wonderful it would be to bring the county seat to Owensville. And these are the reasons:
1) It would bolster jobs and industry in Owensville. Many factories and plants in Owensville have closed, leaving people without jobs. The local businesses are also not doing very well, so bringing the courthouse would increase their commerce.
2) Someone donated the old high school building in Owensville for use as the courthouse. If the courthouse stayed in Hermann they were going to build a new building and put huge cement walls around the old one, costing us money and making the courthouse look like a detainment center.
3) Owensville is the biggest town in the county, so it makes sense that the county seat would be there, instead of Hermann which is a small town way out in the country.

She would tell everyone she saw to "Make sure you vote for the courthouse!" I remember one time my friend, Abby, came down to visit and Grammy talked to her for forty-five minutes about why the courthouse should be moved to Owensville. In the end, however, it didn't pass. When Grammy asked people why they didn't vote to move it, they all told her it was because they didn't want a prison in Owensville. However, they obviously didn't realize that moving the courthouse doesn't mean there has to be a prison built. Thus:
-Grammy was sad the courthouse didn't pass.
-Papa was sad McCain didn't win. Although, when we were in Florida, Aunt Dotty was telling us how she doesn't trust Obama when, dost my ears deceive me? Papa was defending President Obama! I could hardly believe my ears!
Reasons Papa Defended President Obama:
1) Obama went to Harvard. Papa likes Harvard because my brother, Andy, went there. (Thanks for going to Harvard, Bro. You made Obama's first few months much easier for me.)
2) Papa does not believe the rumors about Obama not being a citizen and instead being a spy attempting to infiltrate the country to destroy all of us. Praise the Lord.
3) Papa thinks that Obama picked a very good cabinet. Papa also stuck up for Tim Geithner because he was the former head of the Federal Reserve of New York, and we know how Papa respects money. Aunt Dotty does not like Geithner because there is "something weird about him and he looks like a kid." Sure, he never makes eye contact and is socially awkward, but that's more of a personality fault, not necessarily lack of capability.
-I was sad that Missouri's Proposition A passed. (This proposition eliminated the loss limit on gambling in Missouri. It's supposed to help the Missouri public schools, but in return, it ruins the lives of compulsive gamblers and helps casinos make more profit. Great.)
Obviously the election brought sad news for all of us.

Anyway, Grammy is quite the political advocate, I tell you what. A few years ago when Missouri was voting on supporting stem cell research, Grammy was the only person in Owensville with a "Vote YES for Stem Cell Research!" bumper sticker. It was quite the scandal. Now, Grammy wants to petition to get new roads on our side of town. And understandably so! The roads are seriously falling apart. Sometimes we have to take alternate routes so that our cars don't bottom out while we cross the road. Maybe we could have a big rally with all of our neighbors and we could go march to the county seat and protest. Well, that would be a lot easier if the courthouse had been moved to Owensville, so maybe we'll just march to Town Hall. It will be just like on An American Tail where Fievel and the fat lady-mouse with a speech impediment organize a "wowwy...a warge gathewing of mice for a weason" to get wid of all those cats! Because there are no cats in America and the streets are lined with cheese.

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