There are some who start their retirement long before they stop working. -Robert Half

Friday, February 13, 2009


One of my favorite things about my job is that I can wear whatever I want. I mean, sure, I have to "dress up" on Monday-Thursday (Friday is jeans's the best!), but still, now that I'm an adult, I can wear:
-Big, teacher jewelry
-Cardigans every day
-Random colored outfits (my favorite is when I wear my green corduroys, purple shirt and blue cardigan. Sometimes I wear a big yellow necklace with this outfit. It is awesome. One time when I was wearing it, one of my students walked into the office and said: "What are you wearing? Do you realize that nothing matches?" I told him I can wear whatever I want because I'm an educator.)

The other week, Papa was a pallbearer at his friend's funeral and he couldn't find anything to wear. Grammy told him he should wear the green dress shirt he has, but he told her:
Papa: I can't wear that one. It doesn't fit anymore, you must have shrunk it when you washed it.
Grammy: I did not shrink it, you've just gained weight.
Papa: No, you've been shrinking my clothes!
Julie: Papa, Grammy doesn't even dry the clothes, how could she shrink them! She is a laundry expert!
Papa: I don't know, I just know that they fit before and now they don't.
Grammy: Well I'll just cut the shirt up the back and you can just leave your jacket on.
Papa: No, don't do that!
Grammy: Just bring me the shirt.
In the end, Grammy put some elastic in the collar so that it could stretch and he could button it.


  1. I have heard this same conversation between Bob's parents. I wonder if Bob and I will have this same conversation in front of our grandchildren?

  2. Mom, already have these conversations.

  3. I got here I dont know how but sometimes I check back! You make me laugh I love the conversations between all of you! You should
    compile all this in the end and make a book seriously!