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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Office.

My office at Bourbon is amazing. I share it with one of the PE coaches and it is a small (closet-sized) room with artificial lighting and cream colored brick. It does have a fan, but when you turn it on, it spins right under the flourescent lighting, causing a strobe light effect and making me feel like I'm at a rave, which is AWESOME, don't get me wrong. My other favorite part is that there is NO heat whatsoever. This has been a rough winter and sometimes it is colder in my office than it is outside. I have no idea how that happens. Usually, I have to wear my coat, scarf and gloves all afternoon and my fingers still feel like they are going to crack off because of frostbite. I knew it was bad when my custodian friend came up and said: "Boy, it is cold up here. I don't blame you for keeping your coat on! You might want to take a walk around the rest of the school once in a while so you don't freeze!"
I was going to bring a space heater in, but:
1) I forgot.
2) I don't have another plug in my office. The phone and the computer took all possible plug-in options.
Speaking of my phone: This is the first time I've ever had my own real professional business phone! I thought it would be really exciting, but it turns out, it is actually the thing that causes me the most anxiety. The ringer is really loud (which I'm sure could be adjusted if only I knew how...) and it always scares me to death. I also never know how to answer. I mean, I have been "Julie" for my entire life, but now, when I answer the phone, I could say:
1) Hello, this is Julie!
2) Hello, this is Ms. Brunner!
3) Hello, this is Julie Brunner!
4) Hello, this is the College Advisor!
Yeah, I know. What a tough decision! Usually, I end up stumbling over my words and saying something ridiculous like: "Hello, this is the advisor, the College Advisor, Julie. Ms. Brunner." It also doesn't help that my tongue is too big for my mouth so sometimes I have a lisp, which makes the "this is" part come out sounding like nonsense. The best part about that is that I didn't really realize that I had a little lisp until my freshmen year of college when one of my friends asked me: "Did you always know you had a speech impediment?" I told him: "No, I didn't."
Anyway, my office is in a really weird place.

Directions to my office:
1) Ring bell at front door so the secretaries can let you in. (One day I was in the office and they let someone in, and the were like: "I don't know who that was. I mean, I'm pretty much going to let in anyone who isn't carrying a rifle.")
2) Walk past the gym
3) Turn the corner
4) Walk down the hall
5) Go up the weird ramp by the boy's locker room. (Hold your breath while you do this because the mixture of body odor and Axe spray wafting from the locker room has a tendency to make you sick.)
6) Walk past the band room, the head coach's office, the storage closet and the band closet, and right before you walk out onto the stage, take a right into the room that looks like a storage room, but is actually an office.
Today, one of the students came by my office and asked me: "Why do you sit back here? Do you always sit back here?" and I replied: "This is my office, and, yes, I always sit back here. Where else would I go?" He told me I should go run up and down the halls waving my arms so that everyone could see my pretty face. I told him I would think about it.


  1. Julie Brunner...Bourbon prom queen 2009

  2. I love that you work at Bourbon. I just like the idea of it.

    I have offices like that one in my building. I don't have one of them though. It's the privilege of being the top dog.

  3. I would nominate you for prom queen.

    I have a lisp also due to my liners for my teeth.

    At least you got a compliment about your pretty face!

  4. What do we want....a post!
    When do we want it?...Now!
    What do we want....a post!
    When do we want it?...Now!
    What do we want....a post!
    When do we want it?...Now!

  5. I like number four. "Hello, this is the College Advisor."

  6. sometimes, when I answer the phone at CPAC, it sounds like, "carumbaforming art sitter, howma hep yew?" If that makes you feel any better.

  7. hahahahahaha, emmy, i just imagined you saying that in my head.