There are some who start their retirement long before they stop working. -Robert Half

Monday, February 23, 2009

Light Dinner Night.

Tonight I came home from work expecting a small dinner because we had a really huge lunch. When we have small dinners we either have:
1) Cereal. Grammy and I have our frosted puffed wheat. This stuff is incredible, believe me. It comes in a huge, economy sized bag and some people may look down on it because it is a generic brand. Ye of little faith. It is one of the greatest things my taste buds have ever had the privilege of tasting. Basically, it is the same as Smacks, that cereal with the frog mascot, if anyone remembers those. (Earlier in the year, Grammy thought she wanted regular, not frosted, puffed wheat, and she said she could never find it, so Mom and I found it for her. It was sick. Regular puffed wheat=soggy.) Papa eats Honey Nut Cheerios with fruit on it. Sometimes Grammy mixes in some Grape Nuts with her puffed wheat to give it some nutrients and on her particularly daring nights, she puts Grape Nuts and fruit in it. Since I don't really like mixing my food, I just have my puffed wheat, straight up. (I only eat fruit in my cereal with regular Cheerios. Unless you count the raisins in Raisin Bran.) In the case of dinner, the category "cereal" never includes oatmeal. It makes Papa too nauseous.

2) Sandwiches and soup. Usually, Grammy and Papa have ham and cheese sandwiches. I always have grilled cheese sandwiches because I could live on grilled cheese. Like I said, I used to eat it for lunch and dinner every single day. Plus, I don't like ham. On sandwich night, Papa usually buys some special bread. He likes to buy bread for me. Every week he comes home with something different:
-Everything bread: A delightful bread topped with an array of seeds and spices that will have you asking for more.
-Italian bread: This bread has a crunchy crust matched with a soft and fluffy middle. Sassy and sweet.
-French bread: Soft from the outside in, this bread goes well with any meal. Kid approved!
-Rosemary and Herb bread: A scrumptious Italian loaf with rosemary and herbs covering the top. Perfect for a turkey sandwich.
-Wheat bread: Trying to eat healthier? Try the whole wheat loaf, made especially for you by your friends at WalMart.
Even if Grammy and I make bread, he always brings home some more. Sometimes I think he brings home lots of bread because it is his little hint to Grammy and me that he wants french toast on the weekend. Papa also likes to buy me yogurt. When he found out I like yogurt, he came home every day with a different brand and type. Now that I decided I like Yoplait Light yogurt, he comes home every day with a different flavor.
Anyway, back to soup and sandwiches. We always grill our sandwiches. Grammy and Papa like lots of butter on theirs when they grill it, but I don't like any. It gets too greasy with all that melted butter. We eat Progresso Hearty Tomato Soup. This is the most amazing tomato soup we've ever had. It is tangy and sweet and goes perfectly with a warm grilled cheese. One can doesn't quite feed us, but two cans is too much so we always have extra, which we don't like, but a person can only eat so much tomato soup.

3) Frozen pizza. Papa doesn't really like pizza, so we usually have this on light dinner nights that he is at Lion's club. We eat Supreme pizzas.

To accompany Light Dinner Night meals, we usually have cottage cheese with fruit on it. Grammy and Papa put pineapples on their cottage cheese and I put peaches on mine.

Anyway, I thought tonight was going to be a Sandwich and Soup night, but I was wrong. Grammy didn't really like her french toast she had for lunch and she was hungry so she said she wanted a real dinner. Papa and I weren't hungry, but we ate anyway. We had baked potatoes, baked beans, bread and jelly, and ham. I told Papa I don't like ham, but he assured me that:
Papa: This ham is 99% fat free! I think you'll like it!
Julie: Oh yeah? Well, I bet I can find some fat on it.
Papa: I'm sure you can. I'm going to give you this center piece where there is no fat.
Julie: I don't like ham.
Papa: Don't worry, I gave myself that 1% fat.

I don't like ham.

Later, my sister called us from New Zealand, so we were telling her about our day and what we had for dinner:
Julie: Guess what Papa made me eat for dinner?
Rachel: Ham.
Julie: You're right. I don't like ham.
Papa: But you ate it!
Julie: No I didn't. I only ate a bite and then I put it in a baggy in the fridge.
Papa just laughed and said: "Well, I wish I would have known that while we were at the table." I'm glad he didn't know. He would have made me eat more.