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Thursday, February 12, 2009


So, the other day after dinner, Papa was going to the car to get the keys out (we used to leave the keys in the car, but then someone down the street got robbed and so now we bring the keys inside) and he tripped over the flower planter and fell on the concrete. He scratched up his face and sliced his pinky finger open. Grammy said the pinky finger looked pretty bad, so the next day Papa went to the doctor to get it looked at and to make sure he didn't need stitches. He came home with a gauze cast on the finger and told me he didn't have to get stitches, since it is a flap of skin that is going to die anyway. Papa also got a tetanus shot, just in case.
When I got home from work, Papa showed me his finger and said:
Papa: You know what this means?
Julie: No, what?
Papa: It means I can't do the dishes.
Julie: Oh is that what that means? I guess Grammy and I are just going to have to slave over you until you're healed.
Papa: I'm just going to sit here at the table and watch you two make dinner.
Julie: Are you going to boss us around in there, too?
Papa: I don't know what you're talking about. I never do that!
Later that day, after my mom, dad and I took my sister to the airport for her flight to New Zealand, we came back and Papa was showing Mom and Dad his wound, so I asked him:
Julie: How are you going to take showers? Are you going to hold your hand in the air?
Papa: No, I can get it wet.
Julie: Well then, I guess you can still help with dishes then?
Grammy: Bill, you can't get that wet! Your finger will get shriveled and it won't ever dry out.
Papa: Well, maybe I just won't shower.
Julie: For 3 weeks?
Grammy and Mom: Stop talking, Julie! Don't give him any ideas!
Papa: It's only a few weeks.

I think Grammy is going to make him shower. I guess this means Papa and I can't do the grandchild secret handshake, though.

Grandchild Secret Handshake:
Papa puts his fist out and says "Pound it" and then we pound it and twist our fists and say "Lock it," making a crunching noise with our mouths.

I guess we could do it with the other fist. Like when Papa hurt his right wrist and refused to get a brace or see a doctor, so he just started shaking hands with his left hand.


  1. So incredibly hilarious. I'm laughing out loud in the computer lab and getting dirty looks.