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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Driving with Papa.

Today, Grammy, Papa and I drove up to Jeff City after church (I had bells) because my little brother got his Eagle Scout award. For the first part of the day, my sister, cousin and I ran around the house flapping our arms like eagles. My uncle and my dad are also Eagle Scouts, so today was a big day for them. We're so proud. Tomorrow is my grandpa's (on my dad's side) birthday, so while we were eating cake, my dad, uncle and brother all sat around and compared their beads and their badges. I also found out that Logan is a Knotmaster. Sweet, huh? I told him he should put it on his resume.
Anyway, Papa drove up to JC, but I drove home because neither Grammy nor Papa like driving at night. I really don't like driving with Papa because he thinks I drive too fast and constantly tells me about it. This is how a typical conversation (and the one we had tonight) goes:
Papa: You know what I kept telling Rachel last week when she was driving? You should always drive 10 miles under the speed limit. The speed limit is based on perfect conditions and you should only drive that fast during the day when the weather is perfect.
Julie: It's ok, Papa. I have night vision. I can see everything perfectly. It really is amazing. I'm like a superhero, so don't worry.
Papa: Well, it has to do with your reflexes, too. How are your reflexes?
Julie: They're really good. I have excellent night vision and reflexes.
Papa: I don't know about that. Don't you ever worry about the other person? See, when I drive, I drive slowly because the other guy could just swerve into my lane at any moment.
Julie: Yeah, I don't think about those things.
Papa: Well, I think about them. I'm always thinking, you see. How do you like driving my car?
Julie: I don't like it. It is like driving a boat. (We're in the Lincoln that Grammy hates. We always drive the Lincoln when we go to JC or Rolla.)
Papa: I don't know why. I think it runs really well. It has a lot of power.
Julie: It is too fat and I just don't like it.

Reasons I don't like the Lincoln:
1) It is HUGE. It takes up the entire lane.
2) The gas pedal is extremely sensitive, so when I set my foot on it, the car jolts forward.
3) The brake is NOT sensitive at all. You have to push the pedal down at least halfway before it even thinks about slowing down. Thus, the car makes me seem like a bad driver because I end up slamming my foot on the brake.
4) The steering wheel is very sensitive, too, so if I turn it the tiniest bit, the car does a 180.
5) I always get carsick when I sit in the back seat. It is leather and smells like leather and the combination of the leather seats, the jolting of the sensitive gas pedal and the slamming of the brakes, makes me want to vomit.
6) I don't like leather seats. They are too slippery.

Despite my problems with the car, when we got home, Papa actually said "Well, you did a really good job driving. You actually are a good driver, though you drive a little too fast. You get a gold star."

My first gold star for driving! This is the beginning of something good.


  1. My Dad, Brother, 2 Uncles, and 2 cousins are all Eagle Scouts. Grew up on that stuff!

  2. Of course they have a lincoln...haha and congrats on the gold star!

  3. Maybe Papa does that weird stop and start gas pedal thing because the pedal is so sensitive :)

  4. i totally agree about back seats and the smell of leather! i get carsick from that, too. my dad drives like a maniac.