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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Basketball games.

Tonight, Grammy and I went to a Cuba Wildcats basketball game. Cuba won. Go Wildcats!
Grammy LOVES basketball games. My favorite thing about watching basketball with Grammy is that she cheers for both teams. If MU is playing, however, she cheers more for MU than the other team. During every 3-point shot and every free-throw that the opposing team shoots during Mizzou games, Grammy wiggles her fingers in the air and whispers "I'm gonna put a hex on you." So now, my whole family looks like a bunch of witch doctors when we watch basketball together.
The moon was really bright tonight, which always leads Grammy into her story about how she wishes she would have studied Astronomy. It goes a little something like this:
"I always wanted to study astronomy. My friend Tom at Penn State studied astronomy in school. He was a brain. This was when I lived in that house*. But you have to do all these mathematical calculations about where the constellations will be on such-and-such date, and that just wasn't for me."

*In college, Grammy was a dietetics major and, being in the family and consumer sciences, she had to take a class where she lived with 8 girls for a semester. Throughout the semester, the girls had to take different roles in the house, for example: head chef, assistant chef, cleaning, taking care of the house baby. Yes, there was a house baby. Apparently, each semester, this "class" would get a baby from the orphanage and take care of it. Grammy says it would be completely illegal now, but I guess everything flew in the 40's. Once the semester was over, the baby would be returned to the orphanage and the next class would get a new baby. Oh how the times have changed...

Anyway, these high school basketball players sure do fall a lot! It seems like they were rolling on the ground more than they were actually up and playing. I remember going to watch my little brother's basketball games when he was younger and watching the boys on his team roll around crying on the floor if they got bumped or fouled. I guess that is where all this dramatic rolling comes from.
I also decided that I would make a good sport coach (not to brag or anything). Personally, I don't think screaming at your team from the sidelines really helps them play better. It seems like every head coach paces up and down the court hollering at the players for a straight hour and a half. Maybe if the players weren't so scared of getting yelled at or pulled from they court, they would play better. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

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