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Friday, January 9, 2009

The new TV.

Around the time of the Olympics, Papa decided that the TV wasn't big enough and he was going to go down to WalMart and buy a new one. A bigger and better one. On the day he bought the TV he probably went to WalMart 5 times (granted, he does go to WalMart about 3 times on a regular day). By the time he actually decided that he was going to buy it, it was 9:30 pm (aka my bedtime). Lying in bed, I hear him calling my name from the hallway, so I get up and ask him what is wrong. He tells me we're going to WalMart to buy a TV. I get dressed and Grammy, Papa and I take a family trip to my favorite place in the world. Now, another thing about Papa is he does whatever he wants. If he doesn't like a table at a restaurant, he tells the waitress he's moving. If he wants to go biking in the rain, he tells Grammy and me not to worry about it. Yesterday, Grammy and I asked him if he would like to start eating healthy for the new year. He told us that it would be fine to start eating healthier, but he might have to take some trips to McDonald's to fill himself up.
Anyway, when we got to WalMart, we walked back to the electronics department and found an employee to help us. Papa showed Grammy the TV he wanted to buy and Grammy said that the black around the screen was too shiny, but Papa said he's buying it. Papa then told the man working that he wanted to go into the back room and look at the TV's in their boxes. So we did. We went into the back storage warehouse and Papa picked out the TV he wanted. Then we bought it and went home. End of story.
Or so I thought. The time is now 10:30 pm and I'm in bed again, but not for long. Soon I hear Papa calling my name from the hall once again. He wants to set his TV up now. This means we have to take the old one away, follow the directions on the new one to attach the base and set it up on the cabinet. Then, Papa is in the basement finding the cable cord and I'm on the first floor yelling down to him that the cable doesn't reach. Most people would wait until the next day to get a new cable cord. Not Papa.
One more trip to WalMart later and Papa has the cord. The time is now 11:30 pm and I'm once again in bed and once again I hear the call from the hallway. Finally, after some electrician work, we have the cable set up and Grammy tells Papa he's not allowed to wake me up anymore.
This TV is big. And loud. My room is on the opposite side of the wall that the TV is on, which doesn't really matter, right? Wrong. It turns out the walls are really thin, so when 9:30 rolls around, I crawl into bed with the voice of Bloomburg echoing through my wall, so I have to go tell Papa to turn it down. At this point, I stand in my room and Papa starts turning the volume down until it is at a volume I can sleep to:
Papa: How's that?
Me: Too loud.
Papa: (turns it down a little) How's that?
Me: Still too loud.
Papa: (turns it down some more) How about now?
Me: A little lower, Papa.
Papa: (turns it down again) Is this good? It is at volume number 21.
Me: Ok. That's good.
This is all done using our outside voices since he can't hear me with the TV so loud. Sometimes we get Grammy in the middle so she can relay what I say.


  1. So funny, you need to write a book, I would buy it.

  2. this post was sooo funny! i'm really glad i met your grandparents so i can know who you're talking about.