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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bingo at the Lion's Club.

Tuesday means Bingo night at the Lion's Club. We don't play bingo, but we do sometimes do those little pull tab Lotto tickets. We go for the food and socializing. Papa works on these nights as one of the Bingo monitors, which means he walks around and sells pull tab Lotto tickets and Bingo games. Bingo is intense, I tell you what. People have an array of brightly colored dotters and carry them in special Bingo dotter bags and play about 9 games at once. Intense.
Grammy and I are usually late for dinner because it is earlier than our usual dinner time, so the only special that is left by the time we get there is usually the fish sandwich, or occasionally a hot dog. So that is what we get. So far we've been lucky and have gotten the strawberry pie every time.
Papa wants to quit the Lion's Club because he doesn't think he has enough free time. No one in my family knows what he is talking about because the only obligations he has are Lion's Club and occasional meetings at the VFW. He has started this thing where he "Withdraws" from the rest of the world. To do this, he sits and folds his arms across his chest and looks down. I usually associate this pose with his desire to have more unnecessary free time. Grammy won't let him quit the Lion's Club, though.
He also wants Grammy to quit things. Granted, Grammy does do a lot, but she likes to do a lot. I've never seen Grammy really relax, unless you count the 20 minute naps she allows herself once a day. Papa really wants Grammy to stop volunteering for things at church. I'm really not sure if the church would survive if Grammy stopped volunteering for things, though. She tends to the garden, serves as a greeter, decorates and undecorates for Christmas, bakes pies for every event, organizes the apple butter production, traces and helps quilt all the quilts for the annual quilt auction, organizes and sets up for the annual quilt auction, and babysits during bell choir practice. My grammy is a superhero.
Papa wants Grammy to quit things because he always has to help do everything. That must be where all his free time goes.

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