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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dinner Conversation 2: MU.

When Papa isn't talking about money, his dinner conversation topic of choice is MU. Papa LOVES Mizzou. He thinks it is the best college in the entire country (not that it is a bad college at is a very good college, but not the best). When my older brother went to Harvard for undergrad, Papa was disappointed in him because it wasn't Mizzou. When my mom was young, Papa simply signed her and my uncles up for college at MU and told them that is where they are going. I think that ever since my siblings and I were born, Papa has been trying to get us to MU. My sister and I ended up there, which, I think, definitely makes us the favorite grandchildren.
I always tell Papa I'm his favorite grandchild and he tells me he doesn't have favorites. I know the truth though, and the facts are these:
1) I'm a granddaughter, and since he only has 2 granddaughters, it ups my score
2) I went to MU
3) I worked 3 jobs through college and made money (this takes us back to Papa's love of money)
4) I live with him
He has finally settled on calling me his favorite oldest granddaughter.
Anyway, I recently submitted my applications for master's in Public Health programs. When Papa heard that I was thinking about going back to school, he was against it because he doesn't want me to go into debt right now when the economy is so bad. However, things changed when he heard I was applying to MU. After this, he thought grad school was an excellent idea. I told him I was applying to many different grad schools and he told me that wasn't necessary because I am going to MU. I told him I'm still applying to other schools because maybe I want to go somewhere new and maybe I won't get into MU. At this point, Papa told me that if I didn't get into MU, he would go up to Columbia and talk to them..."After all the money I've put into that school, I'll make sure they let you in."
Last week, I got home from work and Papa came into the kitchen and handed me a piece of paper with a name and contact information on it. Apparently, he called MU and talked to the graduate admissions while I was at work. From what I gather, Papa tried to check on the status of my application, but the admissions rep said that she couldn't tell him because of FERPA, so he got her contact information and said he would have me call her. One of my favorite things about this is that Grammy had no idea Papa called...she was just as surprised as I was. Anyway, I called the lady back and I told her my name and she was like "So, I talked to your grandpa this morning..."
Everytime I talk about going to a school other than MU, Papa tells me that I should go to MU because it is better than the others I applied to. Currently, he is trying to bribe me to go to Mizzou this fall...
Today I found out that I was admitted to MU, so I forwarded the email to Papa. I can't wait to see what he says when I get home. Unless he doesn't read the email. Whenever I send him email, it shows that "Julie Brunner" sent it, but he thinks that means it is for me, so he'll come and tell me that I got some email on his account (like, because we share a mailing address now, I must start getting email on his account, too.) Then I tell him that it isn't for me, it is from me and he makes me come down and read it with him. It kind of defeats the purpose of me sending it to him.


  1. you got into MU and could possibly go free of charge? looking forward to seeing you back in columbia my friend. :)

  2. Your grandparents are hilarious. CONGRATS ON GETTING INTO MIZZOU!! We can go to grad school together! I'm a bit disappointed that we may not be reading about your life of should consider what kind of blogging potential Mizzou has before you go there. hahahah just kidding! I'm really excited you might be back in CoMo.