There are some who start their retirement long before they stop working. -Robert Half

Monday, January 12, 2009


I really want a dog, but I'm not allowed to have one. Papa said that if I got one I better start looking for a new place to live. He says I don't have time and he would be the one taking care of it all day, which is probably true. The other day, we were watching TV and this really cute commercial came on with lots of dogs sticking their heads out the windows of cars. I asked Papa:
Julie: Don't you want one of those?!
Papa: What?
Julie: A puppy!
Papa: Is that what that is?! What's he doing with his head out of the window?! He's going to get something in his eyes!

It's useless. He'll never let me get a dog. So, since I can't have a dog, I spend my time wishing I had one and thinking of names for my future pooch. I've finally decided on a name and that name is Clancy (after our Friday night dinner spot and my favorite restaurant in all of the world).
On Fridays, Clancy's Pub in Rosebud, Missouri has the BEST fish and chips special in the universe, and I'm not even exaggerating. One bite of this fish and your life will never be the same. It comes with a choice of fries, homemade potato chips, onion rings or a baked potato and tastes like heaven in a basket. Like most of our frequented restaurants, the waitress knows us and our orders, so once we sit down we already have our drinks.
This is when Papa and I bond over a cold one and Grammy jokes with the other people in the restaurant about how Papa is leading her granddaughter astray. I love this pub because everyone is so happy and content here (probably because of the combination of amazing fish and cold beer) and even though we eat dinner at 5pm, it is still crowded with people. Some restaurants we go to at 5pm are deserted and remind me that I'm retired, but not Clancy's. It makes me feel young again.


  1. I want to eat at this Clancy's sometime soon. I love fish and chips!

    PS: Clancy is a fine name for a dog. Anytime you need a puppy fix, come see Dixie.

  2. Cute dog name! I agree with Andrea, can we come visit and go to Clancy's?

  3. I propose a road trip to Rosebud. What a pretty name for a town!

  4. Clancy is a winner of a name. Even better than Bleeker, who is also off of Juno.