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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grammy's Potions.

Grammy has lots of secret potions and magical remedies for any ailment or problem you might have. I only know some of the ingredients in them, but I'll do my best:

1) Snuff (noun and verb): This potion cures congestion.
Ingredients: Water, Baking Powder, Kosher or Sea Salt (amounts unknown)
Directions: Pour Snuff onto a washcloth. Hold washcloth to nose and sniff the potion. This process is referred to as snuffing.

2) Spiced Sick Tea (noun): This potion helps when you're sick with anything. Any sickness you have will be cured by this magical tea.
Ingredients: 1 bag of tea (your choice, but we use chamomile), 1 cinnamon stick, 5 whole cloves, 1 Tblsp orange juice, 1 Tblsp honey
Directions: Put tea, cinnamon stick and cloves into mug and fill 3/4 full with hot water. Let the potion steep for 5 minutes. Take everything out and add orange juice and honey. You should feel cured within 15 minutes.

3) Grammy's Secret Stain Remover (noun): This potion gets any stain out of anything. It is better than Shout.
Ingredients: I have no earthly idea, but I bet it involves vinegar. Grammy swears by vinegar. She washes all of our clothes in soap and vinegar because she says that soap alone leaves residue on your clothes. Also, in the summer after you are outside, she makes you come in and wipe yourself down with vinegar because it gets rid of the bug bites.
Directions: Spray onto your stain. Rub together until it is out. Wash.

4) Vick's on your feet (verb): Grammy got a forward from one of her friends on her email stating that putting Vick's on your feet when you're congested will clear up your congestion. Apparently when you put garlic on your feet, you can taste it in 20 minutes, so that is how they discovered this. I don't really know why they were putting garlic on their feet in the first place, but whatever.
Ingredients: Vick's, a pair of socks
Directions: Apply Vick's to feet and put on socks. Breathe freely.

5) Salt Water (noun): Grammy didn't invent this, but she makes everyone do it if they have a sore throat.
Ingredients: Salt, Water
Directions: Mix salt and water. Gargle and spit. Poof! You're healed!

*this post will be continually updated when I remember other potions Grammy uses*


  1. So, since I am sick I am going to try a couple of these out and hopefully at least one of them will do the trick! Tell her thanks :)

  2. Grandmas and potions go hand in hand.

  3. cured in fifteen minutes?!? wow! you should sell that and make some good money!