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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Days.

Now that I'm back in a high school, I get snow days! And since I live in rural Missouri, I get a lot of snow days! It is awesome. Papa thinks it is really funny when I get snow days and he'll just talk to me all day about how I'm getting paid to be at home and if I'm having a relaxing day. Snow days are the BEST! One of my high schools has this automated phone call that calls us at 5:30am when there is going to be a snow day, so I don't even have to get out of bed to check the news. It rocks.
Anyway, when I have snow days, I get to eat breakfast with Grammy and Papa. This morning, Papa made oatmeal for breakfast. I said "I thought you don't eat oatmeal" and he told me he hates it but he makes himself eat it anyway. So, while we were sitting there eating our oats, Papa says:
Papa: I would really like some blueberry muffins. You should make some today.
Julie: Maybe I'll have another snow day tomorrow and I can make them for breakfast.
Papa: I think you should make them today. Then I can just microwave one in the morning for breakfast, you see?
Julie: What brand of muffins do you want?
Papa: That kind in the small packet. And I want you to add some real blueberries to the bottom.
Papa goes to the kitchen to get the packet of muffin mix he wants
Grammy: I don't like that kind. Why don't you just buy Krusteaz? (Grammy loves Krusteaz mixes. I think it is because they were developed by some stay-at-home moms who were tired of making things from scratch, though Grammy makes everything from scratch.)
Papa: I like this brand. It is blueberry cheesecake. I've made it before and they're good.
Grammy: You might as well eat a piece of carrot cake. It is probably healthier. It has carrots and raisins and pecans in it at least.
Papa: Maybe I will. How long do the muffins take to cook?
Julie: 17 minutes. Do you want me to make them now?
Papa: Yes. You better go preheat the bottom oven.
I walk into the kitchen and start getting down a bowl to mix the batter in.
Papa: I like that other bowl. Use that clear one, it's better.
I put the bowl I had down and reach for a clear bowl, but it is the wrong one so I look in the other pantry and pick one up, but Papa tells me it is the wrong one. Finally, I find the right bowl.
Papa: Are you using milk or water?
Julie: Milk. Do you want me to use water?
Papa: No no no.
I mix the batter together and go to get a muffin pan.
Papa: Which pan did you get? Did you get the dark pan?
Julie: No, I got the shiny pan.
Papa: The dark pan is better.
Grammy: All the pans are the same. The dark pan is too big.
Julie: Do you want muffin liners or do you want me to grease the pan?
Papa: Use some Crisco.
I go to the pantry and get the Crisco spray.
Papa: Not the spray, I like it better when you use the solid and spread it in the pan.
Grammy: That is not very good for you. The spray is much healthier!
Papa: I think the other makes it crispier, but use the spray, I don't care.
I go to the freezer to get the blueberries.
Papa: Don't use those blueberries, use the ones in the fridge.
Julie: How many blueberries do you want in each muffin?
Papa: 6.
Julie: Are you going to count them while your eating?
Papa: (laughs) You can put a little more than 6 in if you want.
Julie: Good, I put more than 6 in some of them. Do you want cinnamon sugar on top of them?
Papa: Let me see it. Yes, a little bit. Get a spoon and sprinkle it on top.
I start spooning the batter into the muffin pan.
Papa: You might want to get a spatula. So you can get it all out.
Julie: Ok, good idea, Papa.

17 minutes later....

Julie: Papa! Your muffins are done! Aren't you excited?!
Papa: Yes, did they stick in there? Because they never stick when I wipe the Crisco in there.
Julie: Nope, they are coming out perfectly.
Papa: I see some blueberry stuck in there.
Grammy: Blueberries always stick.
We sit down to eat the muffins (aka breakfast dessert)
Papa: These are good muffins. I think that crunchy stuff on top really makes them good.
Grammy: That's because it is just sugar.

Man, snow days are the BEST!


  1. must.
    I'm at work, and its freezing rain and crummy. Someday, I'll get my teaching degree and join in on the snow day fun.

  2. My comment disappeared!!! I said, "How many times can you choose the "wrong" thing?! hahaha"