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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The News Hour with Jim Lehrer

Papa loves Jim Lehrer. We eat dinner at six, so every night we learn about the twisted and destructive paths our country and world are taking, though amidst the drama is always that little shimmer of sunshine. Sometimes, we start with the volume so low we all end up leaning closer to the television before we realize no one can hear it. Other times, it echo's from the rooftops. My least favorite time to watch the News Hour was during the election. Though, I think Fox News was our channel of choice at the time.
My grandparents are Republicans. Through and through. I'm an independent, though if I told you my beliefs you'd probably categorize me as a Democrat. During the election, I basically just learned not to talk about anything political. Papa would print me off all of these anti-Obama, pro-McCain forwards he got through his email and place them at my breakfast seat. You know, the ones that say Obama is an Arab (like it matters...not all Arabs are bad) or made jabs at Democratic ideas. However many times I told him, I think he still must have thought that I didn't like McCain. I like McCain! I like Obama! I think our country and world just need change. Of any kind, though preferably a change for the better.
One thing I have noticed about Jim Lehrer and his News Hour is that women guests are only interviewed by women newscasters, but men and women newscasters interview men. It is very confusing to me, and I'm still trying to figure out if it is simply coincidental.
A happier time in our dining entertainment came with the Olympics. This gave us something exciting to watch that required no bad-mouthing or falsified forwards. Once again, Grammy cheered for everyone, though she cheered extra hard for Michael Phelps. Grammy and Papa would stay up all night watching Michael set records while I slept, preparing myself for my 6am alarm.
I know Papa naps a lot during the day, but sometimes I wonder how much Grammy actually sleeps. Maybe it is because I'm not around when she wakes up, but she stays up extremely late and it makes me wonder if she really is invincible.

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  1. You are hilarious. That is really all I can say. My favorite was your Grammy shaking her finger and putting a hex on the other team. I literally laughed out loud.